Case Study: The Effects of Manuka Honey for Treating Acne

By Lonnie Sandlin

Acne affects at least 85% of people, between ages 12 and 24, in the United States alone. As Healthline adds, it’s estimated that at least 5% of American adults between 40 and 49 are suffering from acne. While there are numerous medicinal products to treat acne, manuka honey can be an effective solution for […]

Three Tips for Talking to a Terminally Ill Person

By Viral Sprint

Dealing with anticipatory grief is not easy, and so is starting conversations with a terminally ill loved one. You know that the person is about to leave the earth, and you are not sure whether to comfort or confine them. If someone you treasure is under hospice care, here is […]

Do I Really Have to Go to The Doctor for Back Pain?

By Viral Sprint

According to ACA, American Chiropractic Association, about 80% of individuals would suffer from back pain at some time in their lives, making it one of the most common pain complaints worldwide. Pain is typically an indication that there’s inflammation somewhere in the body, and there are various inflammation causes that […]

Study: Less Invasive Cervical Cancer Surgery Has Higher Fatality Rate

By Viral Sprint

Laparoscopic surgery has a higher death rate among women with cervical cancer, while the disease is also four times more likely to return compared to traditional surgery, according to research. The study showed that minimally invasive surgery done on 14 out of 319 patients failed to save lives, as opposed […]

Mechanisms Used In Laser Hair Removal

By Viral Sprint

Everybody wants to look well-groomed at all times. In most cases, however, unwanted hair gets in the way of a clean look. There are various temporary hair removal solutions on the market, but these are costly in the long run and largely inefficient. The longest lasting and most efficient solution in today’s […]

a woman undergoing teeth whitening treatment

4 Teeth Whitening Misconceptions You Shouldn’t Believe

By Lonnie Sandlin | November 5, 2018

Everyone wants to have a beautiful smile, and teeth whitening procedure is an effective way to achieve that. However, the […]

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Gluten Free

Four Ways to Help Yourself Switch to a Gluten-Free Diet

By Lonnie Sandlin | April 20, 2018

You may have stumbled upon a blog offering gluten-free diet options while you are browsing for a diet regime that will work for you and immediately got curious about it. However, going on a gluten-free diet can be a bit overwhelming to some people. That is why you have to […]

Laser: The Technology Behind Modern Beauty

By Lonnie Sandlin | October 23, 2018

For decades, a beam of intense, single-colored light has been used to cut through metals, putting them back together, and even engraving on them. These are what laser technology does in manufacturing. Incidentally, this same technology is what’s being used to enhance people’s features today. According to the American Academy […]