Hair Transplant Myths You Should Stop Believing

By Lonnie Sandlin

Hair loss is an agonizing experience for both women and men, and it can rob them of their confidence and self-esteem. While hair transplantation can offer relief to people who suffer from baldness, the procedure is often misunderstood. Websites like nuhartclinic.com.ph explain that there are many myths surrounding hair transplants, […]

Three Effective Ways of Dealing with Poor Feeding in Babies

By Viral Sprint

All parents aim to help their babies become healthy adults. That means that they place their babies on a healthy diet. Parents become concerned when their kids who suddenly lose their appetite for food. Emerging Teeth When teeth begin breaking through gums, kids might experience some pain due to inflammation. […]

3 Tips That Should Keep You from Falling Back to Unhealthy Eating Patterns

By Lonnie Sandlin

For most people, eating is something that keeps them happy. For people with an eating disorder, though, eating can be such a huge challenge that gets in the way of how they live their lives. Luckily for them, there are lots of centers that specialize in treatment for eating disorder […]

Contagious Cavities: The Surprising Reason Your Child Gets Tooth Decays

By Lonnie Sandlin

Moms always warn kids not to overeat sweets because it may lead to cavities. That’s true, but what most parents don’t know is that they themselves could also play a role in putting their children at risk. Apparently, you can pass tooth decay to your child. The Contagious Cavities Health […]

Categories of Roof Waterproofing Coating Systems

By Viral Sprint

Getting the most value from your commercial building and enhancing its durability is essential. Waterproofing your roof is one of the critical factors that affect a building’s integrity and longevity. It protects the roof from the elements and the detrimental effects of rotting and mold growth caused by water pooling. […]

a woman undergoing teeth whitening treatment

4 Teeth Whitening Misconceptions You Shouldn’t Believe

By Lonnie Sandlin | November 5, 2018

Everyone wants to have a beautiful smile, and teeth whitening procedure is an effective way to achieve that. However, the […]

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a man at the dentist

Time for Dental Implants

By Viral Sprint | August 8, 2018

It’s one thing debating going to the dentist to lighten the colour of the teeth or reshape the gums, and quite another when considering restoring missing teeth. While people may sometimes go for dental treatment to improve the aesthetics of their teeth if they feel insecure about them, much of […]

Woman stretching arms and legs on machine

Busy or Not, You Can Do Muscle Recovery Practices

By Viral Sprint | April 24, 2018

Intense workouts can burn hundreds of calories and lead towards a fitter and healthier body, and a personal trainer can motivate and push you to get through those intense workouts. Outside of the gym, however, you also have to take care of yourself. Spokane.muvfitnessclub.com noted that you have to eat right, and […]