2 Less-Known Reasons You Have a Stiff Neck

2 Less-Known Reasons You Have a Stiff Neck

Stiff neck is one of most common complaints of Americans. It affects at least 10% of the country’s population. What makes it challenging to treat is the fact that there’s a wide variety of reasons.

Before you head to an orthopedic doctor in Fort Worth, find out two of its less-known probable causes and risk factors:

Cervical Degenerative Disease

This condition refers to the deterioration of the discs within the cervical spine. This is the part of the spinal region that makes up the neck area. These discs are gel-like structures that help absorb the shock that would otherwise be felt by the spine upon impact. They also prevent the vertebrae from rubbing against one another.

The degeneration can occur for a lot of reasons, and one is aging. When a person is young, these areas can be made up of 85% water. By the time you reach 70, they are already 70%. When there’s not enough hydration, the discs become more prone to cracks and tears.

A new study also suggested that smoking can only worsen the condition. It can damage the blood vessels that provide the nutrients to the discs.


Too much texting or looking down at the phone can lead to a newer but an increasingly common neck problem called text neck.

Changing the angle of your head and holding it in such a position can actually put a lot of pressure and weight on the cervical region. When the spine is in a correct position, the weight of the head is only about 10 pounds. When you change your position to about 15 degrees, you add at least 10 pounds more.

Feeling neck pain shouldn’t immediately mean you’re suffering from a serious illness. Many exercises can also treat it. But following the golden rule doesn’t cause harm either: if it persists, see your doctor right away.

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