3 Warning Signs of Unsuitable Care

3 Warning Signs of Unsuitable Care

Senior talking to a nurseDiscovering that the care your elderly dad is receiving in the senior home doesn’t meet your expectations can be frustrating. Knowing that the care is bad can be frightening.

But how exactly can you tell? Well, there are several telltale signs and here are three of them:

1. They have clear physical changes

Most people experience recurring health issues during their golden years. It could be that you enrolled your loved one in a nursing home so there will be someone to attend to their physical and medical needs. If your loved one’s health seems to be deteriorating instead of improving, it could be a sign of negligence on the part of the caregivers. It’s time to look for another senior home health care center in Melbourne.

2. There are marked emotional changes

While visiting your loved one in the nursing home, observe whether they are functioning as usual. If you notice that they’re no longer interested in activities they previously were, or seem withdrawn, it could indicate that they’re going through emotional abuse. It could be a sign that they’re talked down to or are ignored while in the nursing home.

3. The staff seems frantic and discordant

Observe the behavior of the staff in the nursing home. If they seem to be in a rush or have a bad attitude, then it’s likely that your loved one isn’t getting the care you’re expecting. Look at how they interact with the residents during meal times. Get to know the leadership as well. Is the manager readily available or is he unknown to the residents?

There are many warning signs of a bad senior home to those who take the time to observe the facility. Once you spot these red flags, transferring your loved one to a better facility is your best course of action.

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