4 Ways to Assess Your Tooth Decay Risk

4 Ways to Assess Your Tooth Decay Risk

getting an oral health examFew diseases are more pervasive and more annoying than tooth decay. Tooth decay affects people of all ages and genders, yet the disease is quite easy to prevent. To effectively avert tooth decay, it’s important that you understand your level of risk.

Here are four simple tips to assess your tooth decay risk.

1. Examine your dental hygiene

One of the first things your dentist in Meridian, ID, will insist on is that you take your dental hygiene very seriously. That’s because poor dental hygiene places you at massive risk of cavities.

The bacteria in your mouth convert sugar and starch into acid, which corrodes the enamel. Make sure you brush your teeth twice a day and floss at least once to keep your tooth decay risk low.

2. Check your diet

A good look at your diet can help you determine how much you are at risk of getting cavities. If you snack a lot, then the risk level is definitely increased. Eating a balanced diet, on the other hand, helps improve your dental health, keeping tooth decay at bay.

3. Rethink your smoking habit

You’ve heard before that smoking is destructive to your health in many ways. Well, one of those ways is contributing to tooth decay. Cigarettes contain chemicals that create a layer of sticky substance on your teeth. This layer makes it easy for acid producing bacteria to stick to the teeth.

4. Find out if you have certain medical conditions

Certain medical conditions make you more prone to tooth decay. People who have diabetes or Sjögren’s syndrome, for instance, tend to have a higher risk of getting cavities than the general population.

Individuals with dry mouth are also more at prone to tooth decay, but this condition can be managed by chewing sugar-free gum.

Tooth decay can affect anyone, but there are easy ways to reduce the likelihood. A good place to start is by understanding your risk of getting the disease so you can put in place measures to avert it.

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