4 Ways You Can Take Better Care of Your Dentures

4 Ways You Can Take Better Care of Your Dentures

Dentures are lifesavers. They give you the confidence to smile again. Plus, they help you live and eat like your teeth were never removed or damaged. Thus, it pays to take good care of your dentures.

No matter how much your dentist reminds you of the proper ways to care for your dentures, your busy schedule and, sometimes, laziness kick in, causing you to forget proper denture care instructions. Whether you had your dentures made in Tauranga or any other part of the country, there are simple ways to make sure your dentures are always in their best shape.

Handle them with care

Dentures are made of plastic and metal. They are either hard or soft. Despite such differences, dentures are made to withstand normal chewing and other oral functions, but they cannot handle impacts when they are outside the mouth. So, always remember to handle them with care when not wearing them. A simple chip or break can ruin the overall function of the piece.

Use the right cleaning materials

They might look like natural teeth, but dentures are not teeth and therefore should be cleaned differently. Cleaning them using toothpaste is a big no. Invest in denture-friendly cleaning materials and brushes to make them last longer.

Practice good oral hygiene

Caring for your dentures is not enough. You should also take good care of your overall oral health. Brush at least twice daily and don’t forget to floss. A healthy mouth helps maintain your dentures’ good condition.

Have regular dentist appointments

Visit your dentist regularly. He or she will not only help keep your mouth healthy but can also prevent denture-related problems and complications even before they start.

Be a responsible wearer of dentures by keeping them clean at all times. You will be surprised how long they can last, so you can keep that bright smile.

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