7 Risk Factors for Venous Diseases

7 Risk Factors for Venous Diseases

Woman being checked by the doctorHaving good health is one of most people’s priorities. Today, more and more people are getting conscious about their health decisions and their diets, which is good, considering that there are tons of temptations out there. There’s this thing called venous peripheral vascular disease which makes the blood have a difficult time finding its way back to your heart, which can cause it to pool in your legs.

Varicose veins and spider veins are not a good sight, and today, we will be discussing its risk factors so you know how you can avoid them.

1. Steadily Sitting and Standing.

Sitting and standing still for a long time all the time can cause a blood clot in your leg. Your heart is supposed to pump blood to your legs and vice versa, which is why you should always move around now and then to avoid blood clots from forming.

2. Being Obese.

When you have too much weight, your legs can find it hard to support your upper body, and can also lead to it having a hard time pumping blood back to your heart.

3. An Injured Leg or a Past Surgery.

Injuries and surgeries can make it hard for blood to run through the veins on your leg, making it more difficult for your veins to pump blood back to your heart.

4. Gender.

Women are more prone to venous diseases than men are. This is because the female hormones progesterone affects the walls of the veins.

5. Being Pregnant.

Women that might have been pregnant for a couple of times can develop venous diseases. However, this can also happen to those who have been pregnant even just once. This is due to the increased amounts of blood, increased hormones, and pressure on the veins, which can all affect the veins.

6. Age.

Aging can cause the veins to become less elastic, which can lead to the blood pooling in the veins.

7. Runs in the Family.

If you have had a family member deal with some venous disease, then chances are you might have to deal with it as well.

Sure, some of these reasons are just inevitable, but always know that something can be done to prevent yourself from having a venous disease.

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