A Glimpse Into the Life of People with Eating Disorders

A Glimpse Into the Life of People with Eating Disorders

a woman struggling to eatIf you have a friend or a family member going through an eating disorder, it is important to read up on what their life is like so you can offer the right kind of support. Here are a few things you should know about what it’s like living with this burdensome affliction.

Eating Can Be Torture

Can you imagine living in a world where eating can feel like torture every single day? That’s the world people with certain eating disorders live in. For example, what if you don’t know that a friend or a family member has this condition and you insist on giving them serving upon serving of their favorite dishes? You may not be aware that they are silently suffering. People with normal eating habits would sometimes treat themselves to a slice of pizza and enjoy it. People with eating disorders get so anxious about taking a bite and think it will damage their bodies. Imagine how this thought consumes them day in and day out.

Constant Self-Loathing

Sometimes, people cannot help but admire and even compare their own bodies to that of supermodels and celebrities. But people with eating disorders obsessively compare themselves and their food intake with everyone around them. This kind of thinking preoccupies them every day that it can become an unhealthy obsession. Most eating orders also hinge on the perception that to become beautiful and acceptable, one must achieve an ideal figure or weight.

And because people with eating disorders compare themselves—their weight, eating habits, and bodies—with others, they become highly insecure of how they look. It’s important to understand that it has nothing to do with being judgmental. Rather, people with eating disorders couldn’t help but check to see other people’s body and image to see what they need to catch up on.

Eatingdisorder.care, an established center for eating disorders in Kansas City, notes that the best support you can offer a person living with an eating disorder is to educate yourself about the condition and what their life is like. More importantly, suggest that he or she seeks professional help.

Never assume that you know what it’s like or that it’s something they can solve overnight. Keep these in mind if you know someone who is silently suffering.

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