About Us

Viral Sprint is dedicated to bringing you the latest news in health, fitness and lifestyle. We get you moving and hope that we can inspire to let your feet carry you.

Now more than ever, health and fitness have been important lifestyle trends in the world. But with our full days and even fuller schedules, it seems impossible to keep up with the demands of healthy living. Running has become the go-to form of cardio for the busy gym buff. It combines cardio with callisthenics and is a great way to burn fat, build muscle and increase metabolism.

Who We Are

Jamieson Lomas is a writer, entrepreneur, and, alongside his wife Andrea, the founder of Viral Sprint. Andrea Lomas is a certified nutritionist, a cancer survivor, entrepreneur and co-founder of Viral Sprint.

Our Mission

Viral Sprint was born out of a passion for health and fitness by way of running. Founded by a husband and wife team based in San Francisco, California, Viral Sprint is dedicated to giving you the very best and latest news, trends and developments in health, lifestyle and fitness. Running shouldn’t just be another form of exercise. It can also be engaging, immersive and fun!