Author: Lonnie Sandlin

organic fruits and vegetables at a farmers market
Healthy Choices

Why Go Organic? High Levels of Pesticides Found in Children’s Foods

Pesticides are known to cause cognitive problems in children, as well as cancer and congenital abnormalities. Despite this fact, large amounts of harmful chemicals have been found in cereals aimed at children and on some fruits and vegetables. The Environmental Working Group, a non-profit organization, tested samples of many common […]

Woman holding on her aching back

What You Should Know About Pain Management

It is estimated that around 100 million Americans or approximately 1.5 billion people around the globe live with chronic pain. Chronic pain is not caused by just a simple headache that usually goes away within the day. It is a type of pain that persists for more than six months […]


6 Don’ts When Wearing Clear Plastic Aligners

Invisible aligners don’t share the many inconvenient disadvantages of traditional braces — excluding constant maintenance. They’re wearer-friendly, but only to those responsible enough to tirelessly care for them properly. For starters, avoid these don’ts when wearing clear plastic aligners: Keeping Them on While Drinking Hot Beverages High temperature can damage the plastic material, causing […]

Healthy Choices

Laser: The Technology Behind Modern Beauty

For decades, a beam of intense, single-colored light has been used to cut through metals, putting them back together, and even engraving on them. These are what laser technology does in manufacturing. Incidentally, this same technology is what’s being used to enhance people’s features today. According to the American Academy […]

Mother and child looking at a hospital screen

Two Communicable Diseases in the Household

These days, communicable disease is the leading cause of outpatient consultation in the United States. According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, 16.8 million individuals in the U.S. visit their physician annually due to infectious diseases. Since immediate treatment is pivotal for optimal patient care, healthcare practitioners strongly […]