Woman stretching arms and legs on machine

Busy or Not, You Can Do Muscle Recovery Practices

Woman stretching arms and legs on machineIntense workouts can burn hundreds of calories and lead towards a fitter and healthier body, and a personal trainer can motivate and push you to get through those intense workouts. Outside of the gym, however, you also have to take care of yourself. Spokane.muvfitnessclub.com noted that you have to eat right, and you have to recover from muscle fatigue and pain. For help with the latter, you can try the different practices below:

Two-Minute Recovery: Foam Rolling

For busy people, you may already be squeezing your personal training in your tight schedule, but you will still have time for recovery practices. For two or five minutes, you can reduce the muscle soreness in your body using a foam roller or by stretching. When you use a foam roller, you can pause on a particularly sore spot before rolling again to truly target the soreness.

Five-Minute Recovery: Stretching

When you stretch, you can do a number of 30-second holds, interspersed throughout your day. For the positions, you can do the Cobra Pose by lying face down, your legs and feet stretched. Straighten your arms then, stretching your back, while keeping your legs on the floor.

When you want to do a standing position, you can hold both flanks of a doorway and take a step or two forward. You will feel your chest stretch. You can also engage your core and your legs.

All-Day Recovery: Sleep, Diet, & Light Exercise

When you have more time to recover, you can have it easy and catch some sleep. Sleep can give your muscles enough time to regenerate, but you have to supplement sleep with a good diet. Alternately, you can have an active rest day, where you replace intense workouts with less rigorous physical activities like yoga, walking, or jogging.

You can follow any of the practices above and prepare yourself for another day of personal training. With a good recovery regimen, you can endure the intense personal training routine. In turn, you will then put in the time to sculpt your body to a fitter form.


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