Can’t Afford Asthma Meds? Assistance Programs Could Help

Can’t Afford Asthma Meds? Assistance Programs Could Help

asthma medicationAsthma is a common auto-immune respiratory condition that causes swelling of the airways and restricts breathing. High treatment costs prevent some asthmatics from taking their medication, which is a situation that can have deadly consequences.

One in 13 Americans has asthma, and ten people die of it every day. Most of these deaths would have been entirely avoidable if these people had access to proper medical management. Sadly, under-insurance and the high cost of medical care prevent some people to get the treatment they need.

Woman Dies of Asthma While Waiting to Get Coverage

A 36-year-old Idaho woman flooded the headlines when she tragically died of an asthma attack while waiting for coverage from her husband’s job. He had gotten a new job, with benefits, but they had to wait for the policy to start.

Before that, the couple’s low-paying, odd jobs meant they didn't have access to workplace insurance nor were they eligible for Medicaid. His new job meant that she could finally get her worsening asthma treated.

The medications were becoming ineffective, and she needed a review but put it off, waiting for the insurance policy to take effect. Sadly, she died of a severe asthma attack before she could make use of the insurance.

Prescription Help Is Available

Proair prescription assistance is available for people who cannot afford their medicines. Other asthma medications are also available, including slow-acting steroids that are more effective in treating the respiratory disease.

People who are on a low income who aren’t covered by workplace insurance may be eligible for assistance.

Members of a prescription assistance program can receive huge discounts off the price of their medication or could get it entirely for free.

Lack of insurance coverage or high deductibles can put asthma drugs out of the reach of many, but prescription assistance can save lives.

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