Case Study: The Effects of Manuka Honey for Treating Acne

Case Study: The Effects of Manuka Honey for Treating Acne

photo of a woman looking and holding her acne infected cheek in front of a mirrorAcne affects at least 85% of people, between ages 12 and 24, in the United States alone. As Healthline adds, it’s estimated that at least 5% of American adults between 40 and 49 are suffering from acne.

While there are numerous medicinal products to treat acne, manuka honey can be an effective solution for people seeking natural remedy. Companies such as Comvita have been using this ingredient since 1974 to provide an alternative solution for people who are looking for a more natural treatment.

Manuka honey is one of nature’s greatest byproducts, and it’s slowly getting recognised these days for its medicinal qualities. It is commonly made up of amino acids, vitamins and minerals, sugar, methylglyoxal, and hydrogen peroxide, which can be a great remedy to battle acne.

Benefits of Manuka Honey

Many experts say that manuka honey is a super honey because of its amazing qualities. According to Medical News Today, a research from 2014 states it that has anti-inflammatory benefits, antimicrobial properties, and even promotes wound healing. As a result, it helps diminish the inflammation that surrounds the acne. It also acts as a natural emollient, which helps soften the skin and even accelerate healing. It can help alleviate the effects of other skin problems, such as dandruff and psoriasis, as well.

Uses of Manuka Honey to Treat Acne

You may use manuka honey as a cleanser by diluting it with a few drops of water. Massage it throughout the face for a couple of minutes then rinse your face and pat it dry. You could also use it as a mask by combining it with lemon juice and ground oats to achieve a pasty consistency. However, a more direct approach is by using it as a spot treatment and then leave it until it dries out.

Although manuka honey has several benefits to the skin and health, products marked as “raw” or “pure” may be insufficient. It may not guarantee that it’ll have the same medical properties of Manuka honey. You may want to purchase it from a certified seller to ensure the quality of the product.

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