Casket Options for a “Green Funeral”

Casket Options for a “Green Funeral”

One of the latest concepts in giving your loved one a decent send-off is a green funeral. These funerals use eco-friendly coffins rather than the conventional metal and wooden ones. In so doing, you let the deceased’s last footprint on earth be an environmentally friendly one.

Not only will you play a part in environmental conservation, but these caskets will also give you an affordable funeral in Layton. This is because a considerable part of funeral expenses goes toward buying the casket. Green caskets are significantly cheaper than their metal and wooden counterparts.

Here are some of the categories of eco-friendly coffins.

Cardboard Caskets

Also called alternative containers, these are made from biodegradable cardboard. They are lightweight and hence easy and convenient to transport. Cardboard caskets have a broad range of customization options, including eco-friendly paints and markers. They are among the most affordable caskets.

Wicker and Woven Caskets

This category includes all coffins made of bamboo, seagrass, banana leaves and willow. Since these plants typically grow fast, they require no huge machines to harvest; hence, the caskets are affordable.

Manufacturers make the lining of woven or wicker caskets out of biodegradable, unbleached cotton. These are the sturdiest green caskets, yet they disintegrate efficiently.

Soft Wooden Caskets

Made of maple, pine or poplar oak, soft wooden caskets closely resemble traditional wooden caskets. But, the wood used is more eco-friendly compared with the latter.

You can opt for a finish of your choice or leave the wood in its natural state. The price of these caskets varies according to your choice of wood and its source.

There are also biodegradable urns for those who opt for cremation. Recycled paper, gelatin, sand and rock salt are eco-friendly options for containers used for water scattering and burial.

For urns used for earth burial, cardboard, starch-based polymers, tree bark, hemp, and softwood are the available eco-friendly material options.

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