Categories of Hospice Care Volunteers

Categories of Hospice Care Volunteers

Having a loved one deal with the end stages of a life-limiting illness is emotionally and physically draining. Rather than care for their loved ones at home, families facing this unfortunate situation choose hospice care.

This way, they have a guarantee their loved one has the highest quality of round-the-clock care and is as comfortable as possible. Most non-profit centers rely on hospice home volunteers here in Indiana to keep their doors open.

These volunteers are typically the heart of these organizations and form a vital part of the hospice community. Here are some of the categories of volunteers in hospice centers.

Patient Care Volunteers

These helpers support the patients under the care of the hospice. They provide companionship and help them carry out the activities of daily living and other light housekeeping duties. The patient care volunteers make work easier for the medical staff and enhance the comfort and well-being of the patient.

Patient care volunteers also offer support to the family of the patient emotionally.

Respite Volunteers

Caring for a sick loved one takes a significant toll on the caregiver. Respite volunteers care for a patient for a short time while the primary caregiver takes a break. Respite care is essential to prevent emotional and physical fatigue in the primary caregiver.

Administrative Volunteers

These helpers primarily work in the hospice offices. They help with correspondence, filing, marketing, public relation, and other routine office duties. They will also gather supplies for patients and staff and be actively involved in fundraising activities for the hospice.

From the above options, you can appreciate that there is a volunteer option for all skills and personalities in a hospice center. The time you spend helping in these centers is the greatest gift you can give to the patients and their families.

You will undergo some training before starting out to equip you with the necessary skills you need when volunteering.

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