Droop, Duped: 3 Myths About Sagging Breasts, Busted

Droop, Duped: 3 Myths About Sagging Breasts, Busted

Breast Sagging MythsThe bad news about your lady lumps is the sagging is inevitable as you age. The worse news is there are a lot of misconceptions about this drooping phenomenon, and you may have believed some of these. So, here’s the good news. These are the truths behind the most common myths about sagging breasts:

Using a bra can stop the sagging.


Unfortunately, no. Your bra can only perk your pair up at the moment you want them perked up, but it won’t prevent them from going down. Age and gravity are what they’re up against here, so a bra won’t do much. Well, a sports bra may (in some way) help, though. If you’re into running or doing other high-intensity workout routines, which make your lady lumps jump up and down, that can damage connective tissues in the breasts over time. So, a sports bra can help you prevent and that’s it.

Working out can keep it up.


Well, it can enhance the shape and look of your chest. Push-ups help toughen up those ligaments around that part of the body, so your breasts will look perkier than it is now. But as for keeping it up? Still a no. Remember that breasts are made of tissues, not muscles, so there’s no tightening or toning happening there. If you really want to keep the ladies up, it might be worth considering breast lifts. Utah plastic surgeons will assess your condition and see if you qualify for the procedure.

Breastfeeding causes the droop.


Research says that breastfeeding isn’t a risk factor for sagging breasts. You know what caused them to droop after having a baby? Pregnancy itself. When pregnant, hormones increase, the body pumps a lot more blood to the tissues, and your mammary glands get full with milk. When you have a lot of fluids in those milkers, it’s guaranteed to feel heavy and eventually sag. Some health experts recommend wearing a sports bra to support the breasts. Or, you can also try mommy makeovers after pregnancy.

Unfortunately, your breasts are meant to bend to the laws of gravity and aging. But fortunately, science has made it possible to defy these laws. Talk to a plastic surgeon how to get your lady lumps up and perky.

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