Flawless Skin: Four Ways Probiotics Keep Skin Healthy

Flawless Skin: Four Ways Probiotics Keep Skin Healthy

An important aspect of maintaining good health and overall well-being is consuming a healthy diet. At the core of this is balancing gut bacteria. To accomplish this, people take probiotics for gut health. But besides this use, probiotics are also vital in skin care.

Probiotics help minimise inflammation, which is known to cause various skin conditions. Research shows that taking them can also tone and clear up the skin. Below are various ways you can benefit from probiotics for the skin.


When you either take probiotics as a supplement or apply them on the skin, they help control the symptoms of rosacea and minimise its symptoms. They diminish associated redness, stinging and burning sensation. They are especially recommended for people with acne and rosacea who use antibiotics for treatment, as these tend to clear up both good and bad bacteria.


Preliminary studies show that topical probiotics may reduce active lesions on the skin. They help in treating acne by preventing harmful bacteria from reaching the skin and eliminating inflammation triggers. Probiotics are best used alongside regular acne treatments.


Probiotics reduce the likelihood of eczema in babies who come from families with a history of the condition. To derive the benefits, expectant women can take supplements for four weeks before the due date. Taking them after giving birth can also help if the mother is doing exclusive breastfeeding.


By taking probiotics, there is an increase in good bacteria on the skin. As a result, there is an anti-ageing effect as the skin remains well hydrated, and there is a reduction of fine lines, wrinkles, and sun damage. It is also suspected that probiotics help in building collagen, which gives the skin an even tone and texture.

As seen above, probiotics go a long way in maintaining healthy skin. What’s more, they can be used in different ways, and manufacturers are infusing them in their skin care products giving consumers a variety to choose from. There is no reason you should not include the good bacteria in your skin care regimen.

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