Homeopathy Treatment Approaches For Allergies

Homeopathy Treatment Approaches For Allergies

Over 23 million Americans have an allergy. These include nasal, skin and gut allergies among others. There are various options available for allergic conditions in conventional, homeopathic and naturopathic treatments.

Among all these, however, the most effective based on expert research has been shown to be homeopathic medicine. Homeopaths consider your body as a whole and prescribe drugs which strengthen your mental, emotional and physical state. The homeopathic medication can be accessed at an over the counter pharmacy like Boerne Drug Company in Texas. Here are some of the approaches that can be used in your allergic homeopathic therapy.

Local Prescribing

In this approach, your medication is prescribed based on your actual allergic symptoms. Local prescribing gives you specific mediation for a sore throat, itchy eyes, and a runny nose. Allium cepa, for instance, is ideal for a runny nose and irritating nasal discharge. Euphrasia officinalis is the perfect remedy for profuse tearing while Wyethia will soothe itchy throats.

Constitutional Prescribing

Constitutional homeopathy aims to modify your immune system’s sensitivity and provide a long-term solution for your allergy. The doctor takes into account your medical history, lifestyle and other habits to get a complete picture of your allergy. Constitutional prescribing is aimed at prescribing medicine which addresses your specific allergic trigger and lifestyle.


This homeopathy treatment approach is very precise. The treatment is based on a skin test to prove the basis of your allergy. The homeopathic remedy is then formulated from a dilution of your specific allergies. If for instance, you are allergic to cat dander; your medication will consist of diluted cat dander. It is an exact and effective treatment approach.

All the above therapy approaches are entirely safe and virtually free of side effects. Their dilution is determined by a qualified pharmacist depending on your specific needs. With the right homeopathic prescription, you are assured of total control over your allergic conditions.

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