How Vets Can Take Advantage Of The Growing Demand for Pet Care

How Vets Can Take Advantage Of The Growing Demand for Pet Care

a veterinarian talking to the owner of a dogGreat customer experience leads to patronage in any business. This is particularly true for services that are as personal as pet care. According to the American Pet Products Association, Americans spent US$ 66.75 billion on their pets in 2016 and the sales are projected to grow by US$ 3 billion a year. Humanity, it seems, has realized the incredible joy of welcoming pets into their homes, and the care for these furry family members is something that is taken very seriously. As the demand for reliable, top-quality pet care steadily rises, there’s bound to be increased competition in the industry, as well. How can veterinary businesses take advantage of these market conditions and get a leg up over the competition? One way would be to provide great customer service and to improve the vet-client relationship.

Here are two suggestions on how vets can improve customer experience:

Be generous with information

In line with the growing pet-friendly trend, the demand for pet products is ever growing — as is the clamor for information on all things pet-related. Thus, blogs and sites dedicated to pet care are also gaining popularity. Pet parents are constantly on the prowl for hacks on how to keep dogs from eating too fast or digging holes in the backyard, for instance. Pet owners want to know what they might be doing wrong in terms of treatment, training, and care of their beloved fur babies. There are several ways of making all this useful information accessible to your customers as a way of adding value to your veterinary practice. It can be through videos and pamphlets in the waiting room, or through friendly conversation with anyone who walks in, which is also a great way to build rapport with existing and potential clients.

Give a little extra

Pet parents want to feel safe at the vet’s and the best way to accomplish this goal is to create an environment where pets are cared for, loved and appreciated. Tokens, giveaways and occasional presents to loyal clients can communicate this sentiment and can give any business a 53% greater chance of being liked by the client. Some of the more popular veterinarian promotional products include veterinary occasion cards, tote bags, lint brushes, and pet bandanas.

If you’re in the business of pet care, chances are you adore your own pets and consider them members of your family. Your next step then should be to show your appreciation for your client’s fur babies through perks and improved services, so you can earn your customers’ trust and loyalty.

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