Improving Laparoscopy Results with the Right Surgical Tools

Improving Laparoscopy Results with the Right Surgical Tools

Doctor and patient checking the xray on the pelvisOver the past few decades, laparoscopy has evolved, thanks to the advancements in technology. From its humble beginnings of primarily being used for limited diagnosis and tubal ligation, it became one of the most common procedures used in the female reproductive health care sector.

As a gynaecologist, you know how crucial it is to have complete visibility of the uterus and the surrounding areas during the procedure. As such, it is important to have access to devices that will make visualisation easier and accurate. One tool you should invest in is a high-quality uterine manipulator.

The primary uses

All successful gynaecologic surgical procedures start with an obstruction-free access to the uterus. And much thanks to these uterus repositioning tools, a surgeon can adjust this hollow muscular organ to various angles, resulting not just in a better view, but improved access too. Essentially, these devices allow for the manipulation of the uterus either for diagnostic purposes or surgical procedures.

Ease of access for increased safety of procedure

Uterine elevators likewise play important roles in hysterectomy. Because these tools provide optimal views of and ease of access to the surgical targets, surgeons can carry out the procedure with more confidence. These devices help increase the uterus’ mobility as well, which means reduced risks of accidentally coming into contact with the patient’s pelvic wall.

In a nutshell, uterus repositioning using a manipulator provides surgeons with a means to improve the safety of the procedure whilst achieving potentially greater results.

Laparoscopy is amongst the most commonly performed surgical procedures in women in Australia, averaging about 30,000 surgeries per year. As such, you should consider this huge demand to improve the bottom line of your practice. An effective way to achieve this goal is by making the necessary investments on innovative devices, including uterine manipulators.

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