Interview Questions for your Caregiver

Interview Questions for your Caregiver

Old lady with her caregiverHaving someone to help care for your elderly loved one can help lift a lot of responsibilities from your shoulder. It can allow you to get on with your daily routine without having to worry about whether or not your mother had her medicine on time. However, finding the perfect home caregiver is not easy.

There are various agencies in Oakland that offer in-home senior care services. It is your responsibility to find the one that best suits you and your loved one’s needs. Properly evaluate the agency and the caregiver himself by asking the right questions.

Questions to ask before hiring a caregiver

1. Are you a licensed professional?

Some states require licensing to be able to practice the profession. Conduct research and see if your state requires it. Only work with licensed and insured professionals to lessen the risks of issues that might happen in the future.

2. Can you submit a background check?

If you are hiring from an agency, chances are they have already conducted their background checks. However, you can always ask for one to help get to know your caregiver more.

3. Have you cared for someone with the same condition?

Like other professions, caregivers have their specialization. Having someone who has experience in caring for the same condition means that your caregiver is experienced and would know how to handle emergency situations that might arise.

4. Do you understand your responsibilities?

Different patients have different sets of needs. Make sure your caregiver knows what he should or should not do. The scope and extent of responsibility are very important and should be discussed beforehand.

5. Can you respect my house rules?

Do not forget to discuss house rules as well (i.e. entertaining personal visitors). Laying the rules out early on is something that both parties will benefit from.

Asking the right questions can get you the right answers. In this case, it can lead you to the right person for the job of caring for your loved one.

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