Latest Innovations in Suction Catheters

Latest Innovations in Suction Catheters

Medical team performing surgeryThere are many tools used in surgeries, but the suction is arguably the most important. It clears debris and allows for visualisation of various parts of the surgical field. It is also used during intubation of the patient to minimise trauma and guide the intubation process.

Portable, disposable suction units are among the modern marvels in surgery. To enhance their efficiency, even the catheters used with the suction units have evolved. Here are the latest innovations in suction catheters.

Large Diameter Catheters with Precision Tips

Most surgical emergencies rely on a regular-sized rigid catheter to suction secretions. These suction catheters are however at high risk of clogs. To overcome clogs, a large diameter catheter is ideal.

Catheters with a precision tip allow manipulation within confined spaces with minimal tissue trauma. You can now get both of these properties in a large diameter suction catheter with precision tips.

Hyper-Curved Catheter

It is challenging to suction upper airway secretions or intubate patients who have an anteriorly displaced trachea. A hyper-curved catheter is a solution in these cases since its design can reach into difficult airways. Ensure you do not blind suction with a hyper-curved catheter — it might cause tissue trauma.

Evacuation Catheter

In some emergency cases and traumatic surgeries, some materials might not pass through your catheter regardless of its diameter. An evacuation catheter attached to your suction has an open scoop at the end of its large interior bore. This allows uses a sump to continuously clear airways during intubation.

Even the best suction unit will not be as effective without the right catheter. The examples above are sure to improve your surgical outcomes and prove to be life-saving appliances. They are hence an integral part of all successful surgical practices.

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