Mechanisms Used In Laser Hair Removal

Mechanisms Used In Laser Hair Removal

Facial hair removal using laser technologyEverybody wants to look well-groomed at all times. In most cases, however, unwanted hair gets in the way of a clean look. There are various temporary hair removal solutions on the market, but these are costly in the long run and largely inefficient.

The longest lasting and most efficient solution in today’s world is laser hair removal in a Salt Lake City clinic. There are various mechanisms used in these treatments, which result in minimal skin damage and side effects and destroy hair follicles.

Here are the three primary mechanisms of laser hair removal.

Thermal Damage

This mechanism of hair removal involves the use of excessive heat focused on your hair follicles. The temperature efficiently results in local heating and gets rid of unwanted hair.

In thermal damage, the pulse duration of the laser is at a lower or equal value to the thermal relaxation period so that the laser removal causes minimal spatial damage. Thermal damage prevents rapid re-growth of hair.

Mechanical Damage

This refers to the electrical shocks associated with laser hair removal. The doctor first focuses on unwanted hair and the melanin and components below the skin which absorb the laser. The absorption causes generation of shock waves known as photoacoustic waves.

These shock waves result in hair trauma but do not disrupt your hair follicles in any way.

Photochemical Damage

This damage results from the free radicals produced in laser hair removal procedures. Photochemical damage is carried out using a photosensitizer. This device causes an alteration in your hair’s chemical composition by generating oxygen radicals which lead to oxidative cell damage.

All the above mechanisms are FDA-approved for the removal of unwanted hair. Laser treatment results in loss of unwanted hair for 1-3 months. The extent of your treatment’s thermal damage is the primary determinant of how fast your hair grows back.

With frequent laser hair removal treatments, re-growth takes longer than three months.

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