Modern Equipment for Dental Offices

photo of a dental clinic with several dental equipmentRunning a successful dental practice takes more than good marketing and employing the right staff. One of the elements that will keep patients coming to your facility is the equipment you have. There are new technological advances in the manufacture of dental equipment every day.

Since it is difficult to keep up with these innovations, you may ask dental clinic contractors to update you regularly on the equipment that can improve your practice. Dentec notes that these professionals must be able to install the equipment and show you how it works.

Here are a few modern pieces of equipment that contractors might recommend today:

Intraoral Cameras

This camera allows you to visualise your patient’s dental condition. Intraoral cameras have LED lighting, 0-90-degree rotation and powerful magnifying ability to visualise even the smallest details. The images captured by the camera can be printed and used to explain different aspects of dental health to your patient or for future reference.

Dental Lasers

Laser dentistry is an innovative treatment option for various dental issues. It is used in combination with other equipment to enhance its efficiency. Dental lasers are particularly useful in the reduction of the discomfort caused by cold and canker sores, exposing partially erupted wisdom teeth and removal of overgrown oral tissue and muscle attachments. The lasers are 100% safe, give your patients a relaxed experience since they require no anaesthesia or drilling, and reduce healing time from dental procedures.

CEREC Machines

These machines use digital imaging to generate a 3D model of your patient’s teeth, which is then used to fabricate dental restorations. It is typically used for making dental crowns and veneers. The CEREC machine is economical, efficient, fast and fabricates strong and natural-looking dental restorations.

Patients are very informed these days. They are always looking for any piece of equipment that will make their dental visits as hassle-free as possible. With the above equipment, you can ensure satisfied clients and a high ROI.

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