Mommy Makeover: 3 Body Areas You Should Target

Mommy Makeover: 3 Body Areas You Should Target

Childbirth marks one of the highest points in a woman’s life. When pregnant, however, you hardly feel like your body belongs to you anymore because of the morning sickness, heartburns, and weight gain. Regrettably, your pre-pregnancy body doesn’t snap back after childbirth.
Exercise, diet, and beauty creams are not so efficient in regaining your body, but a mommy makeover in a Utah clinic is. There are various surgeries included in the makeover package to address multiple body issues. Here are some areas of your body you can transform with a mommy makeover.


After childbirth, the breasts undergo various changes in their size and shape to accommodate breastfeeding. Most mommy makeovers include breast augmentation or lifts to enhance or change the shape and size of your breasts. The procedures are typically carried out after you’re through with weaning to avert any issue and guarantee success.


Extension of your abdominal muscles during pregnancy significantly affects your tummy’s shape after birth. Though you might lose weight with diet and exercise, there remains a lot of sagging skin after the weight is gone. A tummy tuck is an ideal procedure included in mommy makeovers to remove the excess skin and bring back a natural, thin tummy appearance.

Lower body

In pregnancy, your weight gain is typically distributed across fatty tissues including those in your thighs, buttocks, and hips. Liposuction can get rid of this fat from your buttocks, thighs, and tummy to restore your lower body. Some patients opt for a lower body lift that tightens the sagging skin around their buttocks, hips, and thighs.

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