Three Tips for Talking to a Terminally Ill Person

By Viral Sprint

Dealing with anticipatory grief is not easy, and so is starting conversations with a terminally ill loved one. You know that the person is about to leave the earth, and you are not sure whether to comfort or confine them. If someone you treasure is under hospice care, here is […]

Drinking Water a Lot Benefits These 5 People

By Viral Sprint

It is good for the body to sweat it out, whether you are exercising or playing a sport. It means that your muscles and mind are working together to make your body fit. However, it also means that your body is gradually losing fluids that it needs. Experts recommend drinking […]

Latest Innovations in Suction Catheters

By Viral Sprint

There are many tools used in surgeries, but the suction is arguably the most important. It clears debris and allows for visualisation of various parts of the surgical field. It is also used during intubation of the patient to minimise trauma and guide the intubation process. Portable, disposable suction units […]

Fluoride: Its Effects on Tooth and Bone Strength

By Lonnie Sandlin

Fluoride is an essential mineral found in the bones and teeth. Studies show that fluoride plays a crucial role in the maintenance of body processes. Due to the absence of this mineral in food sources, water fluoridation has become popular. Unfortunately, several people have the misconception that fluoride causes adverse […]

Four Ways to Help Yourself Switch to a Gluten-Free Diet

By Lonnie Sandlin

You may have stumbled upon a blog offering gluten-free diet options while you are browsing for a diet regime that will work for you and immediately got curious about it. However, going on a gluten-free diet can be a bit overwhelming to some people. That is why you have to […]

a woman undergoing teeth whitening treatment

4 Teeth Whitening Misconceptions You Shouldn’t Believe

By Lonnie Sandlin | November 5, 2018

Everyone wants to have a beautiful smile, and teeth whitening procedure is an effective way to achieve that. However, the […]

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Healthy Food

The Different Foods That Help You Burn Fat More Effectively

By Margaret King | January 22, 2018

Diet and exercise go hand-in-hand, and watching what you eat is just as important as how you workout. Food doesn’t just serve as sustenance, but also as fuel to aid in fitness goals. When done correctly, the proper diet can even lead to effective weight loss. A proper meal plan […]

Girl with eating disorder

3 Tips That Should Keep You from Falling Back to Unhealthy Eating Patterns

By Lonnie Sandlin | June 23, 2018

For most people, eating is something that keeps them happy. For people with an eating disorder, though, eating can be such a huge challenge that gets in the way of how they live their lives. Luckily for them, there are lots of centers that specialize in treatment for eating disorder […]