Unusual Teeth Problems to Watch Out For

By Viral Sprint

Dental hygiene is not a one-off event; brushing once a week does not just seal the deal. Even though most parents know this, when it comes to the hygiene of their children, they tend to be forgetful. Whether your child has dental issues or not, it is good practice to […]

Chemical Peel: What Options Do You Have?

By Lonnie Sandlin

Chemical peels marginally reduce acne scars, wrinkles, fine lines, skin roughness and dark spots on the skin. As such, they are suitable for almost everybody, as they uplift not only the skin texture but also the colour of your skin. Chemical peel procedure entails application of an acid solution on your face, hands […]

Diabetes: Ways to Manage it Both Medically and Naturally

By Viral Sprint

Diabetes is one of the most common conditions that affect people all around the world and in different ways. There is currently no cure for the disease, but there are ways to manage them, from medication to lifestyle changes. Below are some tips to help you manage the condition and […]

How to Choose the Right Physical Therapy Center

By Lonnie Sandlin

People who get involved in accidents or have recently undergone medical procedures that required them to re-learn gaining control over certain parts of their bodies need the help of a physical therapist. Therapy sessions are the key to regaining bodily functions. But it takes a lot of patience, determination, and […]

The Different Foods That Help You Burn Fat More Effectively

By Margaret King

Diet and exercise go hand-in-hand, and watching what you eat is just as important as how you workout. Food doesn’t just serve as sustenance, but also as fuel to aid in fitness goals. When done correctly, the proper diet can even lead to effective weight loss. A proper meal plan […]

Mother and child looking at a hospital screen

Two Communicable Diseases in the Household

By Lonnie Sandlin | October 17, 2018

These days, communicable disease is the leading cause of outpatient consultation in the United States. According to the Centers for […]

Your Health Resource

The Basics of Joining a Medical Research Study

By Lonnie Sandlin | September 21, 2018

Medical research studies require all kinds of subjects. The foundation of any scientific study is to compare the reaction of a control subject with that of the patients. However, finding patients with a specific medical condition is easier than signing up for healthy volunteers. There are paid research studies in […]

Dentists smiling

Dental Braces: Here Are Your Options

By Lonnie Sandlin | February 22, 2018

A report by the Pennsylvania Dental Association indicates that at least 4 million people in the US alone wear dental braces once in their lifetimes. The availability of braces in materials other than metal has contributed to its popularity. Unlike in the past, modern braces come in various sizes and […]