Diabetes: Ways to Manage it Both Medically and Naturally

By Viral Sprint

Diabetes is one of the most common conditions that affect people all around the world and in different ways. There is currently no cure for the disease, but there are ways to manage them, from medication to lifestyle changes. Below are some tips to help you manage the condition and […]

Deviated Nasal Septum: What is It and How is It Treated?

By Lonnie Sandlin

Do you have blocked nostrils, recurring nosebleeds, and sinus infections? You could have a deviated nasal septum. Here are things to know about this common nose problem. What is It? The septum is the thin wall of cartilage and bone that divides the left and right nasal passages. Ideally, there […]

Role of Clinical Trials in Drug Development

By Lonnie Sandlin

The primary purpose of a clinical trial is to test the effectiveness and safety of a drug or any medical device. Organizations conduct them under the aegis of the company manufacturing the drug or device. These trials include volunteers, doctors and other professionals such as nurses. Drug and device trials […]

Health Issues Associated With Poor Oral Hygiene

By Lonnie Sandlin

Your mouth hosts billions of bacteria. However, not all these bacteria are harmful since some are essential to establish homeostasis. Bacteria which thrive in poor dental hygiene situations, however, cultivate and lead to serious oral diseases. A build-up of plaque is the most common consequence of poor oral hygiene. This, […]

Healthy Tips to Deal with Your Grief

By Lonnie Sandlin

For most people, it’s normal to grieve after losing someone or something they cherished. Grief affects people in different ways. Common ways people express grief include feelings of sadness, anxiety, helplessness, and anger. But it’s possible to go through this process without doing harm to you and the people around […]

Mother and child looking at a hospital screen

Two Communicable Diseases in the Household

By Lonnie Sandlin | October 17, 2018

These days, communicable disease is the leading cause of outpatient consultation in the United States. According to the Centers for […]

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Physical Therapy

How to Choose the Right Physical Therapy Center

By Lonnie Sandlin | September 26, 2018

People who get involved in accidents or have recently undergone medical procedures that required them to re-learn gaining control over certain parts of their bodies need the help of a physical therapist. Therapy sessions are the key to regaining bodily functions. But it takes a lot of patience, determination, and […]

The Basics of Joining a Medical Research Study

By Lonnie Sandlin | September 21, 2018

Medical research studies require all kinds of subjects. The foundation of any scientific study is to compare the reaction of a control subject with that of the patients. However, finding patients with a specific medical condition is easier than signing up for healthy volunteers. There are paid research studies in […]