Reaping the Benefits of  a Bonded Retainer

Reaping the Benefits of a Bonded Retainer

Dentist explaining somethingThe moment when your braces come off can be a liberating moment, literally. While your teeth are in excellent shape once your braces come off and you can finally flash your beautiful smile with confidence, it is common to wear a retainer for a certain amount of time to ensure that your orthodontic gains are maintained.

Despite not being usually discussed, human teeth can and often shift through one’s lifetime. To maintain the alignment of your teeth, a quality bonded retainer like those from Orthodenco orthodontic Lab is necessary. Here are three benefits of getting a quality one.

1. Effortless compliance.

One of the most practical benefits of having a bonded retainer installed is automatic compliance. Since it is bonded to the lower six teeth, you don’t have to put in the effort to put it in every day, unlike the removable one. In fact, since the retainer is bonded, there will come a time that you won’t realize that you are wearing it. It’s common to place the bonded retainer on the back side of the teeth, so it also has an aesthetic advantage.

2. Investment extended.

Getting orthodontics requires a whole lot of monetary investment, and as dental patients know, the investment does not stop after the braces are removed. Patients have to take care of their teeth long after they are free of the braces. Having a bonded retainer ensures that all the progress in your dental health is not wasted. In other words, that your investment in your dental health continues.

3. Crowding prevention.

Bonded retainers prevent your teeth from crowding or shifting. Since the retainer act as a bridge between each tooth, it can keep spacing correct with continued use. In cases when you have damaged or cracked teeth, your bonded retainer can also act as a splint.

Having excellent dental health is a continuous effort, and as such, your orthodontic investment should be protected and maintained. Consider a bonded retainer to maintain that great smile.

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