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6 Don’ts When Wearing Clear Plastic Aligners

Invisible aligners don’t share the many inconvenient disadvantages of traditional braces — excluding constant maintenance. They’re wearer-friendly, but only to those responsible enough to tirelessly care for them properly. For starters, avoid these don’ts when wearing clear plastic aligners: Keeping Them on While Drinking Hot Beverages High temperature can damage the plastic material, causing […]

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Orthodontic Procedure: Diagnosing and Treating Malocclusion

While some dentists can perform advanced dental procedures, such as installing dental braces, keep in mind that there’s a big difference between them and an orthodontist. Orthodontists have undergone special training courses. After completing a bachelor’s degree in dentistry, they still need another two to three years of residency and should […]

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4 Ways to Assess Your Tooth Decay Risk

Few diseases are more pervasive and more annoying than tooth decay. Tooth decay affects people of all ages and genders, yet the disease is quite easy to prevent. To effectively avert tooth decay, it’s important that you understand your level of risk. Here are four simple tips to assess your […]

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No Worries with Dental Implants

The best thing about dental implants is that they offer a stable foundation for artificial teeth. This means that they can preserve the neighboring teeth as well as the bone structure. This makes them the ideal replacement solution if you’ve lost one, several, or all of your teeth. Dental implants, […]

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Dental Braces: Here Are Your Options

A report by the Pennsylvania Dental Association indicates that at least 4 million people in the US alone wear dental braces once in their lifetimes. The availability of braces in materials other than metal has contributed to its popularity. Unlike in the past, modern braces come in various sizes and […]

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Reaping the Benefits of a Bonded Retainer

The moment when your braces come off can be a liberating moment, literally. While your teeth are in excellent shape once your braces come off and you can finally flash your beautiful smile with confidence, it is common to wear a retainer for a certain amount of time to ensure […]