The Top 3 Common Skin Problems Among Teens

The Top 3 Common Skin Problems Among Teens

The teenage years are already tough as it is what with boy problems, school problems, and peer pressure. The last thing your teenager needs is to deal with skin problems as well, and right before any big social event, like prom. Dermatologist Brian J. Williams, M.D. explains that the range of skin flaws can detract from appearance, making your kid feel more self-conscious.
Here are the three of the most common skin flaws for teenagers:


Hormonal changes can cause oil glands to work overtime, and this causes rashes and pimples. Acne breakouts often occur on the cheeks, chin, and forehead. Besides proper hygiene, it is highly advisable for teens to see a dermatologist to treat the skin problem.

A doctor can prescribe soaps, toners, creams, and topical solutions to help keep the swelling down and make the pimples dry up much faster. Skincare experts also offer advice on what food groups to avoid to prevent breakouts from happening frequently.

Oily Skin

Oily skin and acne are two separate problems. There are some teenagers who have excessively oily skin but no breakouts. You only get acne when dead skin cells, trapped with bacteria and sebum, clog up pores. Excessively oily skin can be a cause of insecurity because the greasy appearance will make you feel self-conscious.

Frequent washing with oil-neutralizing products and using blotting sheets can only go so far, but if you want a more permanent solution to the problem, have your teenager visit a dermatologist.


Eczema is the opposite of the problem above. Dry, red, and scaly skin can characterize this skin condition, and wearing sports equipment can aggravate it. Regular use of non-scented moisturizers can remedy the dryness. But when the skin becomes excessively itchy or swollen, it is advisable to see a skin expert for treatment.

Skin problems are not only skin deep because physical appearance can affect self-confidence. Confident behavior can, in turn, affect your teenager’s judgment and ability, which are vital to his or her future. Don’t let your kid deal with skin problems in silence. And consult a dermatologist at the first sign of trouble.

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