Three Tips for Talking to a Terminally Ill Person

Three Tips for Talking to a Terminally Ill Person

Dealing with anticipatory grief is not easy, and so is starting conversations with a terminally ill loved one. You know that the person is about to leave the earth, and you are not sure whether to comfort or confine them. If someone you treasure is under hospice care, here is how you can hold conversations with them:

Remember to Say that You Love Them

When nearing the end of life, it might feel like nobody is on your side. Therefore, that warm, reassuring message from you will go a long way in making the patient under hospice home care feel special. Tell them how much you love them and how your feelings will never change.

Listen to How They Are Feeling

When you listen to someone, you are a step away from understanding what they need the most. Allow the patient time and space to talk about things that are important to them. Ask how they are feeling and what they want you to do for them.

Follow Their Lead

You are likely to feel anxious about discussing death with someone who is nearing the end of their life. While some people handle the anxiety by being blunt, others choose to say very little about what they feel. The best thing is to allow the patient to start the conversation. If they don’t, avoid talking about death, as the patient might not be open to that. Look for cues to know when the person is ready. For instance, not being around for an upcoming event is a sign that they do not like talking about their demise. While at it, be as truthful as possible.

Hospice care helps patients have a good quality of life in their last days. When death seems looming, knowing what to say to the patient can be a hurdle. This guide will help you hold successful conversations with terminally ill people.

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