Tooth Crooks: Here Are the Culprits Behind Tooth Sensitivity

Tooth Crooks: Here Are the Culprits Behind Tooth Sensitivity

a woman experiencing teeth sensitivity while eating a popsicleAlmost everyone can relate to the feeling of the sudden, sharp pain in the teeth when eating hot or cold food. Tooth sensitivity is a common problem both the young and old experience. While it is common, the causes vary from person to person. And yours might be due to these causes:

You have unhealthy gums

If you’ve noticed that your teeth appear to be slightly longer, it means your gums are receding. This reveals the dentin tubules, small canal-like structures in the middle layer of the tooth, which connect to sensitive nerves inside the teeth.

Receding gums can be caused by a number of factors — one of which is crooked teeth. When teeth are misaligned, there’s too much pressure placed on the gums and the bone, causing it to recede.

Treatment of receding gums then require focus on underlying causes, such as misaligned teeth. Visit your dentist in Oviedo, FL. Specialists often recommend braces and jaw surgery to treat crooked teeth.

You love eating acidic food

If your meals always contain tomato products, such as pasta sauce or ketchup, there’s a good chance that these are wearing away your enamel. Similarly, citrus fruits, such as lemons, oranges and grapefruits, could cause the problem.

It’s nearly impossible to avoid these altogether, so it’s best to just practice moderation in consuming such food items. Don’t brush your teeth immediately after eating acidic food as well.

As mentioned, acid weakens the enamel, and you’re only making the teeth more vulnerable when you brush it in its weakened state. The body has a natural way of restoring the normal pH level in the mouth, so allow it to do its restorative functions. Wait for at least 30 minutes before cleaning.

You skip brushing teeth

You can surely expect bad things to happen in your teeth when you don’t practice good dental hygiene. When you don’t brush your teeth, you become more prone to plaque buildup, which causes enamel to wear away.

And again, when that happens, you become more sensitive to hot and cold food. Follow good oral care habits. Visit your dentist as well every 6 months for dental cleaning procedures.

Do you suffer from tooth sensitivity? Consult your doctor to know what exactly causes the problem.

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