What You Should Know About Pain Management

What You Should Know About Pain Management

Woman holding on her aching backIt is estimated that around 100 million Americans or approximately 1.5 billion people around the globe live with chronic pain. Chronic pain is not caused by just a simple headache that usually goes away within the day.

It is a type of pain that persists for more than six months and may even be severe enough to disable a person. Causes of chronic pain include osteoarthritis, nerve dysfunction, and soft tissue injury. This is where a pain management clinic in Miami can help. Your Care Health Network tells us more.

What is a pain management clinic?

A pain clinic is a healthcare facility that caters to individuals who are suffering from chronic pain. It focuses on diagnosing and managing of their symptoms. There are basically two kinds of pain clinics.

The first one focuses more on the procedures on how to deal with the different types of pain, such as back and neck pain. The other one treats the person as a whole and not just certain parts of the body.

What should you expect at a pain clinic?

You may be wondering what happens inside a pain clinic if you are a first-time patient. The minute you walk inside a pain management clinic, be ready for an overall evaluation which will determine which diagnostic tests you will have to undergo.

Based on your results, you may be given interventional treatments (e.g., spinal cord stimulation or injections) or physical therapy. If the results indicated something more serious, you would be referred to a specialist or surgeon.

Your pain management team may also provide you with psychiatric help, so you can effectively deal with the anxiety, depression, and other mental problems caused by the pain you are experiencing.

Your pain management doctor will diagnose and treat your symptoms, as well as coordinate other necessary care such as rehabilitation, counseling, and physical therapy. This is why it is important to find a qualified specialist you can trust when looking for a pain clinic.

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