Why Go Organic? High Levels of Pesticides Found in Children’s Foods

Why Go Organic? High Levels of Pesticides Found in Children’s Foods

Pesticides are known to cause cognitive problems in children, as well as cancer and congenital abnormalities. Despite this fact, large amounts of harmful chemicals have been found in cereals aimed at children and on some fruits and vegetables.

The Environmental Working Group, a non-profit organization, tested samples of many common brands of breakfast cereals and found that the weed killer glyphosate was present in all of them except two samples, which were organic. Three-fourths of the samples contained glyphosate that exceeded safety levels. This safety limit is set at five parts per billion and any food containing more than 160 parts per billion is considered unsafe for consumption.

One of the samples, a brand of oatmeal, contained a staggering 760 parts per billion and all samples except those that were organic, exceeded the safe and legal limit. This is why more retailers and consumers are now buying wholesale organic fruits and vegetables.

Fruit and Vegetables Contaminated

The U.S Department of Agriculture found that 85% of America’s fruit and vegetables were contaminated with residues of pesticides, fungicides, and herbicides. Only 15 of more than 10,000 samples were free of any residue. One sample of strawberries contained as many as 20 different types of pesticides.

The USDA suggests that the levels they discovered were safe, but there are numerous studies linking pesticides to childhood neurodevelopmental disorders, immune system problems, lowered IQ, and several types of cancer. Women who eat foods high in pesticide residues can have reduced fertility levels.

Glyphosate Linked to Cancer

While glyphosate’s link to cancer is hotly debated, a recent court ruling has found that it can cause cancer. A groundskeeper who used it regularly in his job of maintaining school grounds later developed terminal non-Hodgkin’s Lymphoma. The court ruled that health risks were known, but the company failed to put safety warnings on their product. A $289-million award was made.

Organic fruit and vegetables wholesale markets can provide cheap and pesticide-free food for all families. They can also sell grains, spices, flour, and other ingredients produced without the use of harmful chemicals. Parents can be sure that in buying organically farmed food, their children will get nutritious meals without the health risks.

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